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The Processes Of A Crushing Production Line


The Processes Of A Crushing Production Line


The so-called crushing production line is also called a stone production line. The main operation process is crushing large stones collected from the mountains. It has the advantages of large crushing ratio, high production efficiency, large processing capacity, and high degree of automation. Nowadays, It is widely used in railways, water conservancy, concrete mixing stations and other fields.

The crushing process is used to crush raw materials of different types and sizes into the required

particle sizes and shapes. The process typically involves multiple steps, including raw material selection, material conveying, crushing, screening, re-crushing, etc. The following is the crusher process flow detailed steps:

1 Raw material selection: Select raw materials suitable for production requirements, which usually require low moisture content, few impurities, uniform particles, and appropriate hardness levels.

2. Material transportation: Transport the selected raw materials to the feed port of the crusher through the transportation system or using a vibrating feeder.

3. Crushing: Put the raw materials into the crusher and use high-speed rotating blades to crush the raw materials into particles of the required size and shape. Crusher types and specifications vary depending on production needs.

4. Screening: Screen the crushed particles through the screen, collect the particles that meet the requirements, and send the particles that do not meet the requirements back to the crusher for processing.

5. Re-crushing: For particles that do not meet the requirements, they are sent back to the crusher for re-crushing.

6. Final product transportation: Transport the particles that meet the requirements to the next step through the transportation system


In short, the crusher process depends on the nature of the raw materials and production requirements, and needs to be optimized and adjusted according to the actual situation.

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