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Shanyue High Processing Capacity Big Banana Vibrating Screen

Banana vibrating screen is mainly composed of box type vibration exciter, screen box, vibration damping spring, support and driving device, and the running amplitude track is linear. The broken line screen surface design formed by the combination of continuous multi-stage angles is adopted, and the inclination angle of the screen surface at the feeding end is large, which can make the materials move and layer rapidly, which is conducive to the screening of easy screening materials.

    Production Description

    Elliptical equal thickness vibrating screen is also called banana screen because its shape is similar to banana shape. This series of Elliptical equal thickness vibrating screen is another series of screening machinery specially developed by our company on the basis of absorbing foreign technology for ore classification, quarry sand and stone classification in the mining industry. It can also be widely used in metallurgy, coal, mining, transportation, electric power, building materials, chemical industry and other departments to classify various materials.


    Technical Parameter

    Product model

    Screen surface

    Feed size



    Area (m2)

    Inclination (o)

    Mesh size (mm)














    Advantages and Characteristics

    The screen machine is excited by modular vibrator to realize overall disassembly and assembly. The screen machine has good stress and convenient maintenance. The motion track of the screen machine is elliptical motion, with fast material movement speed and large processing capacity. At the discharge end, the material movement speed becomes slow, high screening efficiency and advanced technical parameters. The screening machine adopts the equal thickness screening principle, and the screen surface is divided into multiple sections. Each section screens the materials with different inclination angles, so that the materials are equal thickness and easy to pass through the screen, and the processing capacity and screening efficiency are greatly improved; The screen machine is connected by ring groove rivets, with simple, compact, firm and reliable structure and convenient maintenance and overhaul; The screening machine adopts rubber spring to reduce vibration, runs smoothly through the resonance area and has low noise; The screen machine is equipped with a feeding trough, which is convenient for feeding, protects the screen and makes full use of the screening area; When polyurethane screen is used, the screen has long service life and is not easy to block holes.


    Detailed diagram

    Shanyue high processing capacity big banana vibrating screen- (1)smhShanyue high processing capacity big banana vibrating screen- (2)wuzShanyue high processing capacity big banana vibrating screen- (3)rnh


    Working Principle

    The Elliptical equal thickness vibrating screen is excited by the double unbalanced vibration exciter rotating synchronously in different directions. The two groups of eccentric masses in the vibrator are equal and operate synchronously in reverse. The components of the centrifugal force along the vibration direction are always superimposed on each other, and the components in the vertical movement direction are always offset each other, so as to form the excitation force in a single direction and make the screen box move back and forth in a straight line. So as to achieve the purpose of material classification.


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